Moonlight Gamesnight

Moonlight Gamesnight is a 4 or 5-weekly reoccurring gamenight organized by FelixInfintum. It will be held on a Saturday closed to a full moon. As you may know the moon cycle (from full moon to full moon) is 29.53 days on average, this means that a full moon doesn’t occur on the same day and date of a month. That is why there is a schedule to show the chosen dates.

On Moonlight Gamesnight multiplayer games will be played with the community, chosen from a spreadsheet. The stream will start at 7 pm CEST and will last till 9 pm CEST.

The name

The Discord server and community is revolved around wolfs so the position of the moon has been made a guidance point for the occurrence of the Moonlight Gamesnight.