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The Wandering Village

The Wandering Village is a city-builder and resource manager at its core, with survival and rogue-like elements. Villagers live a symbiotic life with a giant creature that is wandering through the world. The world that is invested by mysterious plants, emitting toxic spores that cause them to spread even further. The villagers have sought a safe shelter on this gentle beast to survive together in this hostile but beautiful post-apocalyptic world.

The job of the player is to keep the villagers and the beast alive. The player can build and expand the village, by farming various crops, foraging for rare resources and scout the environment to stay alive. The player also needs to make sure the giant breathing creature is kept healthy and gains trust from the villagers that live on its back. Every biome the beast wanders through comes with its own challenges and opportunities.

The Wandering Village has been in development by Stray Fawn Studio for 1.5 years alongside Nimbatus. Stray Fawn Studio is an independent game studio from Zurich, Switzerland founded by Micha Stettler and Philomena Schwab. They are also known for making Niche – A genetic survival game.


The Wandering Village will be kickstarted on the 13th of October 2020 at 7AM PT on Kickstarter. Here is the link to the Kickstarter:

Here is the reveal trailer of The Wandering Village:


The Wandering Village website:
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