Sea of Thieves

The game

Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer game where you can live your life as a pirate and sail the open seas. Go on voyages as a group or take your sloop and go on an adventure at your own. Take contracts from three different kind of factions and kill skeletons, find treasure chest or put chickens in a cage.

The review

As Sea of Thieves is a great game to play with friends it lacks some key features, that are explained in the streams. After some point the game gets repetitive, the drill is the same. There is no real way to progress through the game, everything you can spend your gold on is merely cosmetic. Improving on things like getting a better sword, guns that do more damage or your pirate being able to sprint with a skull in your hands, is out of question at this point.

Looking at the mechanics of the game, the graphics and how the game preforms on a software basis, the game justifies the price-tag. Looking at the things you can do in the game, the various bugs that you encounter and skeletons just not spawning, it doesn’t justify the “AAA”-price of € 69,99. It merely could be classified as an early access game that needs a lot of work, on a fundamental basis, to make it worth while.

I’m glad I could try out the game for free through the XboxM Game Pass free trial for two weeks. Looking at other games that are out now, I would rather spend my money on those than this game. It’s a great game but doesn’t justify the price.

The Videos